Our History

As a community-founded non-profit organization, Stamford Achieves’ sole purpose is to close the achievement gap in Stamford. While much work remains to still be done, we strive toward our goal with the support of community members like you.

pic_advocacyIn early 2002 a group of concerned citizens began meeting in Stamford to discuss issues facing the Stamford School District, and in particular the achievement gap. The group’s major conclusions were that there was not enough being done to close this gap and the issue required community-wide attention. In early 2003 the Commission presented a series of recommendations to then mayor of Stamford, Dannel Malloy.

The mayor agreed with the recommendations of this group of citizens, and in 2003 he formed a Blue Ribbon Commission to study the achievement gap and to issue recommendations on how best to close it. This Commission issued a report and a series of recommendations in June of 2004.

How Stamford Achieves Was Formed

To best achieve success, the Commission recommended the formation of a nonprofit organization to focus solely on closing the achievement gap, and in the fall of 2004 Stamford Achieves was formed. Many of the Commission members continue to serve on Stamford Achieves’ Board of Directors. The organization received Internal Revenue Services recognition as a nonprofit in December of 2004.

Over the past ten years, Stamford Achieves has spent considerable time researching the causes of the achievement gap and seeking viable and sustainable solutions.

Our Continued Work

The work of Stamford Achieves will not be complete until the achievement gap in Stamford is closed. Although there has been some moderate success, much work remains to be done by the Stamford Public Schools, the city, and all of its citizens so that the achievement gap will close and all Stamford Public School students graduate high school college- and career-ready and prepared to become responsible and productive citizens.

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Spotlight Submission

Stamford Achieves invites Stamford Public School teachers, administrators and representatives of community organizations based in Stamford to nominate an outstanding middle or high school student to be featured in our SA Spotlight. This feature of our website is designed to recognize students who have (1) made significant academic gains in core classes and / or (2) demonstrated a consistent concern for the success, academic or otherwise, of fellow classmates over the last 12 - 24 months.

So please think carefully about the many wonderful students in our District and help us shine a spotlight on a student whose achievements may fall under the radar. All you need to do is complete this form and click "Submit", but please take the time to provide all the information requested.

We recognize that there are many students worthy of this spotlight and thank you for taking the time to submit your information.
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Stamford Achieves (SA) acts only as an intermediary between employers posting internship and job opportunities and student candidates. All hiring and compensation for work performed by students is handled directly between the student and the employer. SA also reserves the right to refuse to post or remove internship or job postings.

We do not guarantee or take responsibility for (a) the truthfulness, accuracy, quality, safety, morality, desirability or legality of employer information and position listings, (b) the ability of employers to offer internship and job opportunities, or (c) the hiring, recruiting or other practices of any employer. Students are urged to perform due diligence in researching employers when applying for or accepting employment.

For Students:

An internship, particularly for students at least 16 years of age, is a great way to get to know yourself a little better while building skills that will make you better prepared for the future. Internships can help you understand how a professional organization functions in the real world. While interning, you will have the opportunity to assess and refine your career goals. It is a “trial period”, an opportunity to test ideas about your interests and potential professions – whether it’s entertainment, non-profit, technology, health – without requiring a lengthy commitment. Just remember, no matter what you do and how long you do it for, do it to the best of your ability.

Some internships are “salaried” positions and some are strictly volunteer. Either way, you will likely gain valuable experience. Please note that most are highly competitive and you should pay close attention to the application deadlines.

Many organizations do not advertise the availability of internships or jobs and so it often requires some initiative on your part. With this portal, Stamford Achieves is seeking to aggregate internship and job opportunities for Stamford’s high school students.

Although we would ultimately like to post all student internship and job opportunities that is simply not realistic. Therefore, it is recommended that you conduct an internet search, look out for postings and check newspaper listings. Also, please use your networks – guidance counselors, teachers, parents, relatives, family, and friends – anyone who may have contacts within businesses or organizations that interest you.

For Employers:

The City of Stamford benefits tremendously from a large and diverse group of employers. These employers can and often do offer our high school students internship as well as job opportunities. However, employment opportunities are not typically aggregated so as to streamline the process for both the prospective employers and students. This portal is designed to be a simple and efficient way to maximize our tremendous resources.

We welcome your feedback as to how we can make this portal as productive and efficient as possible so please do not hesitate to email us at info@stamfordachieves.org and thanks so much for participating.